A brand new Jessie’s Girls summer challenge is HERE and it kicks off July 5!

It’s everything Jessie’s Girls – muscle-building, fat-burning, and the strongest female-only community out there BUT this time…you’re getting full-body Jessie’s Girls workouts that you can do from the gym or from home…all accessible online. This challenge was MADE for women just like YOU that want to see and feel real strength and results and want to be able to get it done even with a busy schedule.

I know your fitness goals are a priority more than ever after the last year! So, this summer I am bringing you an all new 4-week challenge that you can tackle in only 4 hours per week (+ more optional workouts if you want them!)

Working out is about making you stronger physically and mentally and having confidence while you do it. The physique changes that will come along with this + learning all about tracking macros are just the bonus! Follow along with the Muscles & Macros Summer Challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #MMSummerChallenge!

XOXO, Jessie

What You Get When You Join:

  • 4 weeks of full body, 4x per week strength and muscle building workouts: I’ve designed these BRAND NEW workouts to give you the results you want without spending hours in the gym and overwhelming your already-packed schedule. Don’t worry, you’ll have options for HOME and GYM during this challenge AND you can access it all online! If you want to add in more than the 4, full body workouts each week you will also receive optional HIIT, cardio, and active recovery instructions every single week.

  • A Customizable and Fully Automated Macro Calculator: You’re also going to receive macro education with a detailed macro calculator so you can learn how to begin tracking your macros. You’ll also find out how much and what to eat to fuel your body. This is the perfect way to supplement your weight training so you can show off that hard-earned muscle, improve your results, and make you feel amazing.

  • Minimal Home Gym Equipment: All of the home versions of the workouts will include basic home gym equipment such as dumbbells, exercise bands, a stability ball, and a pull up bar to pump out rockstar Jessie’s Girls results from your living room.

  • Weekly Facebook Live Events: Each week, Jessie will go live in the challenge Facebook group with Q&A’s, exercise demos, program education, connection, and fun! Don’t miss tuning in each week in case YOU are the weekly winner!

  • Real Time Q&A With Me: A BRAND NEW feature is launching on Jessie’s Girls Daily just in time for day 1 of the challenge! When you log into your membership on day 1 of the challenge, you will find a feature called Ask Jessie. There, you can submit questions to me any time of day or night and I will answer your submitted questions each week during the Muscles & Macros LIVE chats.

  • Access to TWO Private Female-Only Facebook Groups: Inside these amazing groups of badass women, you’ll be able to post your progress, look for motivation, ask questions, and get all the support you could ever imagine! Jessie and the Jessie’s Girls Ambassadors will be in the groups with you, mentoring you closely and providing the motivation and accountability we all need.

  • Become a lifetime member of #JESSIESGIRLS: Signing up for this challenge grants you access to the Jessie’s Girls private Facebook page…which means you are a part of this incredible tribe of women for LIFE!

  • Prizes: One Grand Prize Winner will receive $500 cash, a full year of membership to Jessie’s Girls Daily, PLUS a live call with Jessie and the Jessie’s Girls Ambassadors! There will also be prizes for 2nd & 3rd place. But that’s not all – there will also be weekly winners!

What You’ll Win!


30-minute live call with Jessie and the Jessie's Girls Ambassadors

Are you ready for this?! The Grand Prize winner of this year’s Muscles & Macros Challenge will get to chat live with Jessie and the Ambassadors to get help or be mentored on any part of the Jessie’s Girls journey.

GRAND PRIZE winner will take home $500 CASH!

1 YEAR free membership to JessiesGirlsDaily.com

1 entire year FREE of muscle building workouts all week long, a macro calculator, and all the features that come with your membership! If you’re a member already, this year will be credited back to you or extended for 12 months – score!


1 year FREE membership to JessiesGirlsDaily.com

1 entire year FREE of muscle building workouts all week long, a macro calculator, and all the features that come with your membership! If you’re a member already, this year will be credited back to you or extended for 12 months – score!


Jessie's Girls Shaker Bottle

Since the Muscles & Macros Challenge is all about hitting macros and kicking ass in the gym, the Jessie’s Girls shaker bottle is the perfect go-to for pre-workout, BCAA’s and everything in between. It stores up to 28-ounces, is BPA free and comes with Blender Bottle’s StayOpen™ Flip Cap™. If you don’t have a US shipping address to receive this, don’t worry, girl! You’ll get a 1-month free JGD membership.

How Much Is It To Join?

The same as ONE in-person personal training session at a gym. How’s that for AWESOME!

That means if you were to do 4 weeks with a trainer, 4x per week like you’ll be doing in the Muscles & Macros Challenge, that would be over $1200 in JUST workouts!

That doesn’t even take into account how much they would charge you to incorporate prizes, live sessions, community, nutrition education, an automated and custom macro calculator and more!

Because I want to get this challenge into the hands of as many women as possible…

The investment into yourself to join this year’s Muscles & Macros Summer Challenge is ONLY going to be $89 if you aren’t already a member of Jessie’s Girls Daily!

Plus… I’m also throwing in your membership cost to Jessie’s Girls Daily the entire duration of the challenge as well!

Already a Jessie’s Girls Daily member? For that, you rock! You will receive $20 off the Muscles & Macros Challenge price, making it ONLY $69 to sign up.

What You’ll Need:

summer fitness challenge

Besides your beautiful face and your commitment to 4 weeks of progress, not much! Once you sign up, you will receive immediate access to all membership features of Jessie’s Girls Daily.

On day 1 of the challenge, you’ll see your entire week of workouts at a time so you know exactly what to do each week!

You will also have full access to the Jessie’s Girls nutrition guidelines and a step-by-step, automated and customized macro calculator so that you can begin properly fueling your body.

If you have any questions along the way, the Muscles & Macros Challenge Facebook group will be there for you to help with any questions you may have! 

You’ll need a gym membership or, if you’re joining us from home, just some basic equipment such as dumbbells, exercise bands, a stability ball, a bench/chair, and a pull up bar.

All that’s left for you to do is find your Jessie’s Girls support system inside our all-female private Facebook group, let go and trust the process.

You’re about to get stronger, have kick ass full body workouts, learn a TON about macros, and start changing the entire way you think about getting fit.

When it gets tough and you want to quit, just remember that it’s supposed to be hard, but it will be worth it. All you have to do is keep showing up. #JESSIESGIRLS

How the Challenge Works:

  • June 28: 2021 Muscles & Macros Summer Challenge registration opens.

  • July 5: Muscles & Macros Challenge begins. This is day 1 of your brand new 4-week Jessie’s Girls Daily Training Program!

  • July 9: Muscles & Macros Challenge Registration Form is due.

  • July 31: Muscles & Macros Summer Challenge ends.

  • August 9-11: Muscles & Macros Challenge winners are announced – exciting!!

Muscles & Macros Summer Challenge Registration Includes:

Daily Workouts

By logging into Jessie’s Girls Daily, you’ll have all of your workouts each week of this 4-week challenge, including options for home and gym, and video demonstrations of each exercise so you never have to guess. Each workout is designed to keep you motivated to have the best workouts of your life, gain strength, and save time!

Macro Calculator

Want to know exactly how many calories you need to eat during this challenge and how to calculate your macros? The custom macro calculator unlocks your exact, unique macro requirements and is customized for YOU – including your rest days & pre/post workout macros. Most importantly, you get to ditch the diets so you can just focus on winning this challenge!

Ask Jessie

Access to a brand new feature to your Jessie’s Girls Daily membership – Ask Jessie! You’ll be able to submit a question anytime and get a direct response back from me. Most responses will be published to the website so you can search and browse anyone’s past questions and answers to learn a TON about the Jessie’s Girls lifestyle. I will also answer select questions LIVE during the challenge!

Private Community

Your program comes with not just one…but access to TWO of the MOST incredible groups of women ever! The Jessie’s Girls community is here to support you, answer questions and motivate you to keep going. Better yet, you get LIFETIME access to the main Jessie’s Girls community just for signing up.

summer fitness challenge

(challenge + 1 month membership free)

summer fitness challenge



Past Fitness Challenge Winners

Crystal Kemp, 29
Crystal Kemp, 29
JG40 was a total blessing for me, released at the PERFECT time. I’m a mom of 6 boys under 9, I never have time to relax. These quick full body workouts not only gave me an extra hour to myself relaxing/stretching/reading at the gym but the yielded AMAZING results. Don’t get me started on the nutrition, Jessie has that down! I am now able to eat way more than ever before and have full confidence that my body is fueled and healthy.
Melissa Markowski, 40
Melissa Markowski, 40
This challenge has changed my entire family, from new eating habits to family weight lifting sessions. The best part about was getting to know some amazing women, they are like distant besties with the best lifestyle in common. I couldn’t get over how involved Jessie is with her girls, constantly motivating them to be their best! So Much Love.
Karen Petrini, 58
Karen Petrini, 58
The challenge was special to me because it helped me overcome mental and physical obstacles and forced me to stop making excuses. I pushed myself to try moves I haven’t done since ACL surgery, some of them mental. The physical boundaries were pushed, and the sweat was real. Fear is a liar! Try something that scares you! Keep lifting ladies!
Lily Williams, 38
Lily Williams, 38
I signed up for the JG40 challenge last minute and I’m so glad that I did because I am feeling so good! I look leaner and feel stronger! I can actually wear my “skinny jeans” & not feel like a button is going to pop off & take someone’s eye out. JG40 is the program that I needed and it never gets boring because every week, there’s a cool new workout move that I’ve never seen before. I can’t help that after this challenge that I keep singing to myself “Im sexy & I know it”. Im now proud to now call myself a Jessie’s girl!!
Jaime Cuolahan, 32
Jaime Cuolahan, 32
The challenge changed my life completely, it energized my failing health and fitness routine, provided daily motivation through a group of amazing women, gave me workouts that were that were a highlight of my week and the ability to eat all the food through tracking macros. With the full body workouts, progression happened quickly and I built muscles I’ve never had. JG40 is not just a program, but now my livable lifestyle!
Beth Seiferth, 30
Beth Seiferth, 30
The Challenge was amazing, not just for my physical health, but also for my mental and emotional health. It changed my relationship with food and exercise for the better. It made me realize balance is attainable. I learned how to give myself grace, but not let it become excuses. Jessie has created such a supportive and empowering environment for women.

You Might Be Saying To Yourself…

  • I’ve never done full body workouts before, what should I expect?

    You should expect an incredible workout that works your entire body in a very effective way. Studies show that women are able to train at higher training frequencies than men because of their superior recovery abilities. This 4-week Jessie’s Girls challenge program takes advantage of that and provides 4 full body workouts each week, giving you enough training frequency and recovery to have great results and feel great. If you feel like you’re able to do more, I will be providing optional HIIT, cardio, and active recovery days as well!

  • “This looks amazing, but my schedule and home life right now make it so hard to follow and stick with a fitness program”

    I’ve got you girl, that’s why I made this a 4-week, 4 days per week lifting program where you get the workouts done in an hour or less. Think about it…that’s 4 hours per week. You can do this! You’ll be in a group with over 10,000 women in a similar situation and we’re all here to keep each other accountable. This program focuses on full body workouts without ANY fluff so you can have efficient workouts and get back to the pool!

  • “I don’t have a gym membership. Will I still be able to do the challenge?”

    Definitely! Each workout will have the gym and home version to give you the flexibility to workout from where you are able – you only need a few minimal pieces of home workout equipment.

  • I’ve tried other workouts and diets but they don’t explain the WHY behind them and IF they’ll actually work for me. How is this one different?

    Each week, I go live with you in our private group to walk you through your weeks of workouts so you can understand the principles and concepts and have the opportunity to ask me direct questions. If you don’t want to ask me Live, you can use the Ask Jessie feature within your membership to send me any questions you may have! This challenge also focuses heavily on learning how to calculate and track your macros – I will be right here with you the entire way PLUS the private female-only Facebook group exists to keep you accountable and supported. You are about to have So. Much. Knowledge!

  • I also want to improve my physique…doesn’t it take cardio and a severe calorie deficit to really get fit?

    The days of endless hours of cardio and extreme diets are over. The strong woman who lifts with intensity and eats to fuel her body, performance and health is here. Welcome to Jessie’s Girls! Where you learn to lift heavy shit well, eat the foods you love, AND improve your physique while you’re doing it!


summer fitness challenge

(challenge + 1 month membership dues free)



summer fitness challenge