I have a torn hip labrum (need surgery), and HNP in my low back along with severe arthritis. Can I do 3X12 with lighter weights to protect my back?

what is the reason for 5×5 and should the weight be relatively heavy?

This weeks 5 sets with 5 reps, should I start off with my current weigh I was using in my last program from a few days ago?

Does it matter what order I do the scheduled workouts in? Eg workoutv4 before workout 1. Or should they be done in order?

I play in a softball league. We practice once a week and have at least one game a week. Should I count that as my cardio for the week?

Do we do our own ab exercises from other programs or are there some that are specific this challenge?

Dumb question…what is a “straight set?”

Can I add HIIT during any of the four days already prescribed?

Do we have access to the FULL workout program for July or just one day at a time?

I normally get my workout in first thing in the morning, especially where I don’t have much time. Is this something I should stop doing?