Reverse Dieting

Do I reverse diet up to my maintenance TDEE or my build muscle TDEE? I want to lose fat, but also build muscle.

If I under eat half the week but then the other half my calories are over from fast food do I still reverse diet?

I’m reverse dieting, going from 165 carbs to 198. Does that sound correct? My P&F were correct.

I’m reverse dieting and already having that feeling of a little fluff. How long can this be expected? It’s probably a little mental also. Is this norm

Should I prioritize reverse dieting to build up my metabolism or getting lean slowly to have a better body weight?

Hi figuring out macros when you 200 lbs 5ft 4 and need to lose plus 40 lbs – i will be reverse dieting. I am 48 yrs old and have desk job 11+ hrs

Are there side effects from not reverse dieting? Calories wise I was consuming about the same prior, but macros were completely different.

Me again, once I get to maintenance, do I immediately start rest day carbs or do I wait a couple weeks?

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