Do I reverse diet up to my maintenance TDEE or my build muscle TDEE? I want to lose fat, but also build muscle.

How do I get more fiber in without taking in more sugar?

If I under eat half the week but then the other half my calories are over from fast food do I still reverse diet?

What are your go-to balanced macro meals?

What is your understanding of ingredients like carrageenan and sucralose and others that are on labels of otherwise “healthy” and macro-friendly foods

when it comes to nailing hitting calories, macros, micros, fiber, sugar etc. In which order should we try to perfect these?

For M&M Summer 2021- for water consumption, do you recommend a gallon a day or half your weight in fluid ounces?

I’m having trouble trying to find something for pre-workout meal when I get up and work out at 430am. Its very hard for me to eat at that time.

How long should you wait to exercise after your pre workout meal and how long after your workout should you eat your post workout meal?

If hitting all my macros will put me a little over my calories, is it best to hit my macros or stay under my calories?