**If you are already a member of Jessie’s Girls Daily, please log into your account to purchase the Muscles and Macros Challenge.

Brand new to Muscles and Macros & Jessie’s Girls Daily? Welcome to the Muscles and Macros Summer Challenge Membership!* This membership option registers you for the 2021 Muscles and Macros Summer Challenge PLUS gives you 1 month of free access (plus ongoing monthly access!) to the Jessie’s Girls Daily exclusive online daily workouts, macro calculator and female-only community membership. Every single week, you’re going to see 4 brand new Jessie’s Girls gym AND home workouts posted to the site.

You get a monthly calendar to plan and track your workouts, plus the daily workouts have a video demo of each and every exercise so you always know what each movement is and how to perform it. You also get access to THE most incredible female-only online support group where you can ask questions, interact with women all around the world, get help with your exercise form, macros, and anything along your Jessie’s Girls journey.

Along with these workouts, you have access to a detailed macro calculator that is entirely custom to your personal stats and physique goals. Not only will you see a ton of macro and nutrition education, but you’ll find out EXACTLY how many calories AND grams of protein, carbs, and fats you need to be eating on workout days and rest days to reach those goals.

What’s awesome about this Muscles & Macros Challenge Subscription purchase is that it includes ALL of the following in addition to full access to Jessie’s Girls Daily!

  • Brand New ‘Ask Jessie’ Feature: Just in time for day 1 of the challenge, you’ll find access to a brand new feature to your Jessie’s Girls Daily membership – Ask Jessie! You’ll be able to submit a question anytime and get a direct response back from me. Most responses will be published to the website so you can search and browse anyone’s past questions and answers to learn a TON about the Jessie’s Girls lifestyle!
  • Weekly Facebook Live Events: Each week, I will go Live in the challenge Facebook group with in-person answers to your Ask Jessie questions, any exercise demos you request, program education, connection, and fun!
  • Access to a special, private female-Only Facebook Group just for the Challenge: Here is where the all of your Jessie’s Girls in the Muscles and Macros challenge will be cheering you on and holding you accountable throughout the challenge so we can help you improve and progress. The group is also where you’ll look for motivation, ask questions, share challenge tasks, and get all the support you could ever imagine! The Jessie’s Girls Ambassadors and I will be in the group with you, mentoring you closely and providing the motivation and accountability each week.
  • 3 top winners + Weekly prizes + maybe YOU will be the Grand Prize winner! See the main Muscles & Macros page for all of the prize descriptions. CASH, mentoring calls, free Jessie’s Girls Daily memberships, and Jessie’s Girls swag are up for grabs!

The day before the challenge begins, you’ll see your entire week of workouts at a time so you know exactly what to do.

If you have gym access, awesome! If you’re following along from home, amazing! Each workout will have options for both.

You’re about to get stronger, learn a TON about macros, and start changing the entire way you think about getting fit.

When it gets tough and you want to quit, just remember that it’s supposed to be hard, but it will be worth it. All you have to do is keep showing up. #JESSIESGIRLS

There’s no longer anything stopping you from getting your workouts in and loving the journey – can’t wait to see you inside ♥


Jessie Hilgenberg

*The Muscles & Macros Summer Challenge Membership subscription includes your challenge registration, 1 month free membership to Jessie’s Girls Daily, plus an ongoing monthly membership to Jessie’s Girls Daily. You can cancel Jessie’s Girls Daily at any time. If you cancel or default on your membership before the end of the Muscles & Macros challenge, you will become disqualified from the challenge and lose access to the workouts and program without a refund.