The Jessie’s Girls daily workouts are the badass workouts you know and love from Jessie’s Girls in a daily format for when you’re not following one of the full Jessie’s Girls programs or are just looking for some badass everyday workouts. These daily workouts are perfect for when you are in between programs or if you are new to the Jessie’s Girls community and looking to give our workouts a try. Every month I’ll post your training split that you can view or download to print and hang up to track your workouts. You will get 4 strength training workouts every week (includes abs) and instructions on how and when to add in active recovery, cardio, and rest days. I have built and programmed all workouts month by month so that you achieve long-lasting and consistent results. Each day/week you can login and find your daily workouts – I keep them live for 1 week so you have plenty of time to get it done or screenshot for later!